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In his origins interventions in the area of Santa Fe city, then to increase his area of work in the whole province and rapidly in the rest of the country.As time goes by, there are executed different works of maintenance and conservation, both deprived and public. Some of these are outlined for his symbolic value – social, inside the community, such as Parana’s Cathedral (Entre Rios Province), Santa Fe’s Cathedral, Atalaya Building, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church, Sunchales’s Churches, San Cristobal’s Churches, between the most representative.

This increasing interest of the community for the putting in value of his historical buildings, leads his members to being perfected academically in the topic, studying and completing such careers of postdegree and Mastery in Conservation and Restoration, Pathology and specialities related to the topic. The improvements were made both at the national level as abroad: Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Poland and Greece. This made it possible to carry out large works of high complexity and representativeness.

This trajectory enables the acquisition of wide and varied own equipment destined to carry out large-scale works in short time frames. Considering the alternatives offered by the diversity of tools and current technology, it is possible to execute an endless number of combined procedures and special treatments without height or surface limits.

The progressive demand and need for restoration works led to the creation of a technical department specialized in consulting and advice for conservation works, covering the areas of Construction Pathology applied to the restaurant, intervention projects, monitoring and technical documentation, planning and management in restoration works. Advice to private institutions and public bodies with assets and heritage buildings.

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Luciano J. Hernandez

This growing interest of the community for the enhancement of its historical buildings, leads its members to improve their academic skills in the subject, studying and attending postgraduate and refresher courses such as Master in Conservation, Pathology and related specialties related to the subject.


Since its inception, the company has a permanent multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in different areas who work together.

Our main potential is the set of restoration experts with accumulated experience of more than 40 years in the field of maintenance, conservation and restoration in buildings of high heritage value.

The technical decisions that are taken together are based on minimal intervention, respecting the history of the building, the context of the work, its materiality, characteristics and stylistic values. All this supported by research and laboratory tasks.

Lic. Luciano José Hernandez
Director Principal

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Cont. Nancy Lilian Sorbellini
Gerente Financiero

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Tecn. Juan Carlos Hernandez
Gerente de Obras

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MMO José Ricardo Chávez
Asociado Principal

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Arq. Mariano Daniel Roa
Asociado III

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Manuel Alfredo Mina
Asociado Principal

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Rudy Omar Grether
Asociado Principal

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